Dr. David Haeselin is an instructor in the English Department of The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND.  He is passionate about contemporary literature and ancient bread. At UND, Dr. Haeselin teaches classes in the Writing, Editing, and Publishing program, digital humanities, multimodal and digital writing for public audiences, and in contemporary American literature and culture.

Dr. Haeselin is an active member of humanities and interdisciplinary projects across campus.  He serves as Director of Editorial Content and Strategy for The Digital Press @ The University of North Dakota. He also works in various capacities with The UND Writers Conference.  In terms of interdisciplinary projects, Dr. Haeselin designed the writing curriculum for  STEAM Energy (a project which develops renewable energy lessons for primary and secondary school teachers across North Dakota) and co-directs the DIY Discourse Project along with Dr. Travis Desell (Computer Science) which analyzes the relationship between expert and amateur discourse communities by mining the social media website Reddit. Finally, Dr. Haeselin serves as a faculty team member with North Dakota EPSCoR, where he produces video and web content for The Center for Regional Climate Studies and The Center for Sustainable Materials Science to help communicate scientific research about extreme weather events and agricultural productivity to the public.

You can read his scholarship at Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction and Hybrid Pedagogy. His recent public writing can be found at The Los Angeles Review of Books Public Books, Post-45, and other venues.